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You Belong | Cam + Jauri

April Kirby

When we were dreaming up all of the things we wanted Crest + Trough to be we decided that more than anything we wanted it to be a company that empowered people. Empowerment can come in many shapes and forms and for two local high school students it came in the form of a new (to them) car. 

Cam & Jauri are two beautiful, bold, and becoming individuals. They are kind hearted, driven, and have big plans for the future that lays ahead of them. One of the things that stood in the way of their goals was their lack of reliable transportation, this car allows them to get to and from school, practice, work, and church each week without worry. 

We believe that empowerment is an integral part of success and freedom so here's to Cam + Jauri, their new ride, and all of their new found freedom!


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